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POST 10/248 : 
Chief Directorate: Metro Health Services
SALARY : R102 534 per annum
CENTRE : Victoria Hospital

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic numeracy and literacy skills. Experience: 
Cleaning experience within a hospital environment. Inherent requirement 
of the job: Willingness to work shifts, weekends, night duty and overtime. 
Ability to do physical work. Willingness to undergo formal and Informal 
training. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Knowledge of Infection Control 
and Occupational Health and Safety. Good interpersonal skills with the 
rest of the multi-disciplinary team, as well as the public. Ability to work in 
a team environment and independently. Good communication skills in at 
least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape. Ability to 
operate machines or equipment in a cost-effective manner.
DUTIES : Provide a clean, hygienic environment within the institution. Effective and 
safe handling and storage of equipment. Serving of meals and beverages 
to patients on ward level. Cost effective utilisation of consumables or 
resources. Promotion of Quality assurance, Infection Control and 
Occupational Health and Safety within the Department. Effective waste 
and linen management.

ENQUIRIES : Ms J Van der Riel Tel No: (021) 799-1270

APPLICATIONS : The Chief Executive Officer: Victoria Hospital, Private Bag X2, Plumstead, 
NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.
CLOSING DATE : 03 April 2020

West Coast District
SALARY : R102 534 per annum
CENTRE : Velddrif Clinic, Bergriver Sub-district

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirements: Basic numeracy and literacy skills. Experience: 
Appropriate cleaning experience. Inherent requirement of the job: 
Physically able to lift/move heavy objects and supplies. Ability to operate 
machinery and equipment. Competencies (knowledge/skills): Good 
interpersonal skills. Knowledge of the correct methods of handling and 
disposal of refuse, waste products and adherence to policy and cleaning 
practices. Ability to communicate in at least two of the three official 
languages of the Western Cape.
DUTIES : Responsible for cleaning duties, including sweeping, dusting, mopping, 
scrubbing, polishing, refuse handling, cleaning windows and interior walls; 
maintenance of general neatness and hygiene of the clinic area. Effective 
and efficient utilisation and storage of cleaning material and equipment. 
Adhering to safety precautions and ensure adherence to occupational 
health and safety policy. Support Waste Management. Render support to 
the Operational Manager with general housekeeping duties such as 
control of cleaning and household equipment and care of linen. Attend in-
service training appropriate to service delivery. Adheres to loyal service 
ENQUIRIES : Ms E Dietrich Tel No: (022) 913-3223
APPLICATIONS : The Director: West Coast District Office, Private Bag X15, Malmesbury, 
NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.
CLOSING DATE : 03 April 2020

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